Slim is the defining feature of the BLADE kitchen from Modulnova, with all visible components in the ultra slim thickness of 1cm - resulting in a modern, elegant aesthetic.

Expansive surfaces and direct lines with minimal interruption enhance the design of BLADE, and combine with innovative surface material options like metallic, glass, porcelain and cement resin to create sophisticated kitchen designs. 

Distinct vertical timber panelling identifies the FLOAT range which is produced in either open pore veneer to provide the richness and variety of natural timber, or open pore veneer that has been coated in a singular colour.

The FLOAT range encourages monolithic volumes in design which reveal their concealed contents, such as storage zones, appliances, refrigeration, butler’s pantries and more, to the user in an intelligent and contemporary manner.

The FLOAT range is available in the following two timber options:

Raw oak veneer – vertical panelling

Raw oak open pore veneer in ultra matte lacquer – vertical panelling

The BLADE range is available in the following contemporary finishes:

Porcelain – kerlite

Matte glass

Gloss glass

Anodised black aluminium


Rendered cement resin

Raw oak veneer

Matte colour open pore raw oak veneer

Calce – render

Matte lacquer - ultra matte

Gloss lacquer

Fenix folded laminate